School of Environment and Architecture

SEA CITY is the school’s outreach programme. SEA City events are completely open to all public, and are attended by a diverse group of people including students, architects, professionals, academics and locals. SEA City organizes events, lectures, symposia and exhibitions in order to engage with the larger artistic and cultural discursive sphere within and outside the city.

SEA City lectures take place every fortnight, on Friday evenings over the four-month long semester. Currently, lectures are arranged under two rubrics:

“SEA Emerging Practices” is a lecture series hosted by SEA City, that aims at giving young practitioners a platform to share their trajectories within an increasingly transitory professional world that otherwise engages with a select established names.

“SEA Conversations” is another series, set up to establish a dialogue on contemporary issues and practices around the built and cultural environment. 

The school hosts an Architecture Exhibition every year, showcasing the work of practicing architects across the country. This is coupled with a symposium and a lecture. In order to generate debate and discussion around our built environment, several academicians and professionals are invited from across the country as well as internationally. 

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