School of Environment and Architecture


The School was initiated by late Arvind Adarkar (architect and educationist) and its faculty members include Neera Adarkar (architect and urbanist), Ravindra Punde (urban planner, principal of Design Cell and ex-principal of Rachna Sansad’s Academy of Architecture); Prasad Shetty (urbanist, founder member of CRIT and Secretary, MMR Heritage

& Environmental Society), Rupali Gupte (architect, urbanist, faculty at KRVIA, founder member of CRIT, Savita Punde (landscape architect, principal of Design Cell and visiting faculty at the School of Planning & Architecture New Delhi), Pankaj Joshi (conservation architect, partner, Pankaj Joshi Consultants and executive director of UDRI), Gauri  

Pandit Joshi (architect and partner at Pankaj Joshi Consultants), and Arun Kale (architect, partner at Adarkar Associates and faculty at the Rizvi College of Architecture). Collectively, the SEA faculty members, advisory boards, councils and resource persons have immense experience in the fields of architecture and urbanism.

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