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Machinic Protocols
Edouard Cabay

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This lecture dwells upon the role of drawing, technology and computation in architectural design



Edouard Cabay is a Belgian-Swiss, Barcelona-based architect where he is both the founder and principal of Appareil, an experimental architectural office, directs research and academic programmes at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), and runs Machinic Protocols, a experimental project into creative automation.  His predominant interest in the notion of craft has brought both his architectural and artistic practices to question seeming dichotomies such as chance and intent, situated in the parallelism of the analogue and digital, frequently blurring their distinction. His research often aims at staging indeterminable situations, exploring, through protocols and automation, self-informing processes of a reciprocal nature that are capable to simultaneously generate and become. His investigations into different materialities related to drawing, painting or spatial interventions that he calls micro-geographies opens up the discourse of what determines a creative process, and how a beautifully designed system of iterative translations can bring about directed yet infinitely surprising outcomes.

12th March, 2021
at 5:30 PM IST

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