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Field Journeys

experiences of traveling architecture practice

by Faiza Khan & Suril Patel

Field Architects is a young architecture practice formed in 2017 by Faiza Khan and Suril Patel. Shaped around hands-on collaborations, the practice deconstructs indigenous built forms, traditional artisanship and formal geometry.  



Faiza Khan
Faiza Khan has accomplished her Bachelor of Architecture in 2009 from Academy of Architecture, Rachna Sansad, Mumbai and has pursued her Masters of Architecture from the Barcelona Institute of Architecture in 2011. She has gained experience working with Serie Architects, Malik Architecture, Stantec and Studio Mumbai.

Suril Patel
Suril Patel has worked with Serie Architects mainly Mumbai office and partly for Beijing and London offices for about a decade, and further working with Studio Mumbai for GangaMaki Textile Design Studio in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. He graduated with Bachelor of Architecture in 2005 from IED, Vidyanagar, Gujarat.

Alongside their architectural practice, Faiza and Suril has taught at SECMOL, Ladakh for Passive Solar and Earth Building Studio. Field Architects has also been collaborating with HIAL, Ladakh for various aspects like new development in earth uilding technology, and course design and teaching for short-term fellowship programme. Faiza had also coordinated the Sun and Earth festival, 2017 in Ladakh where about 120 participants and experts from over 15 different countries converged in Ladakh and led a series of hands-on workshops on earth building techniques and design principles for climate responsive buildings.


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