School of Environment and Architecture

Five Conversations on Contemporary Architecture
8th February 2020

On the occasion of the completion of five years, School of Environment and Architecture (SEA), Mumbai invites you to a one-day international symposium "Songs of Turbulence - Five Conversations on Contemporary Architecture". The symposium will take place on 8th February, 2020 at the Nehru Science Centre Auditorium, Mumbai.

The event will debate how issues across the domains of nature, economy, society, technology & community impact architecture over five conversations with world renowned practitioners and scholars of the Global South.

How can we, as architects, reconceptualize the energies of turbulence and engage them in the making of places? How can we think with turbulence; of environments beyond crises, cities beyond contests and narratives of lack, difference beyond discrimination, technologies beyond fear and annihilation, and communities along with all the diversities within them?

This symposium frames some of the questions that have emerged along SEA’s journey in research and pedagogy over the past five years for dialogue with a wider audience. It draws the experiences of five diversely situated practices into conversation with practitioners at SEA towards opening new ways to think about engagements with our turbulent world.

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