School of Environment and Architecture

SEA Conversations

by Rohit Manudhane

Does artificial lighting cause cancer? Does it make us insomniac? Does museum lighting destroy paintings? Can lighting reveal new stories in space? How does light look back at us? In the abundance of light, have we lost darkness along the way? In this talk, Rohit will indicate the relationship between light, space and living through journey and research stories at Arup, where he studies and designs lighting for projects across the world.



Rohit Manudhane is a Senior Lighting Designer at Arup’s lighting studio in London. Rohit ventured into the field of sustainable architecture at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design and found a special calling in daylighting of buildings. With a strong focus on conceptual design, he integrates both natural and electrical lighting, providing contextual lighting design. In recent times, Rohit’s most exciting work involves experiments and research that studies impact of light on human well being.

on Friday,
18th January, 2019
at 6:30 pm

School of Environment & Architecture, 
Eksar Road, Borivali (W), 
Mumbai - 400 091
T: 91 86550 02156 

The event is supported by UDRI and free and open to public.