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Earchaeology: Structure of Acoustic Spaces
Umashankar Mantravadi in conversation with Nida Ghouse

About The Project: For his project in archaeoacoustics, Umashankar aurally mapped two ancient performance sites - Nagarjunakonda in Andhra Pradesh and Vadakkamnathan Temple, Kerala. The project attempts to challenge the dominant visual understanding of history of these sites, to recognise the significance of sonic properties in the building and conservation of these spaces. His study also examines the effects of industrialisation on our current listening practices. He will engage with these ideas, and talk about his inventions and experiences of the project.

About The Artist: Umashankar Mantravadi is senior Indian sound technician and inventor, considered a maestro for his work with sound recording and archiving. An enthusiast in electronics, he has been credited with many inventions in sound technology. Some of his inventions are now in popular use in the industry, but he was a pioneer in creating them on shoestring budgets. He was also instrumental in setting up and maintaining the Archives and Research Centre for Ethnomusicology (part of the American Institute of Indian Studies), Gurgaon. His latest invention is the ambisonic tetrahedral microphone system called Brahma.

He will be in conversation with his collaborator Nida Ghouse - writer, curator and researcher based out of Mumbai.

on Friday, 2nd February 2O18, at 6.3O pm
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The event is free and open to the public.