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The Architecture of Horizons: An Ethnography of Bombay

by Sarover Zaidi 

Horizons are affective artifacts, constantly framed through the practices of architecture/ built form, but also situated on the existential sensibility of human life. Appearing as views, bypasses, persistence, or imaginations; the horizon folds through the ontic, the political, the every-day and the virtual. This work explores some locations of the architecture of these horizons, the multiple nodes in which the creation, contestation and bypassing of horizons occur in the so-called ‘native town’ of Bombay – whilst working, walking and what Paul Virilio calls ‘speeding’ through and above these ‘Muslim ghettos’ now located under the JJ flyover.

Sarover Zaidi is a Social Anthropologist based out of Delhi. She studied philosophy at St. Stephen's College followed by sociology and social anthropology (M.A., M.Phil) at the Delhi School of Economics. Her research work focuses on religious architecture, everyday life, and the urban space of the former ‘Bombay’. She curates an interdisciplinary forum on art, architecture, and anthropology, titled 'Elementary forms and the city' and teaches at the School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi.


on Friday, 15th December 2O17, at 6.3O pm
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