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Biases in Building: 
Campuses and Accessibility

by Chayanika Shah

Can campus planning and architecture tell us something about the thoughts that go into the making of the campus? Beyond the obvious details of style of architecture, requirements of spaces and convenience of their location, and an overall aesthetics that may be chosen for the particular project, is there more that can be read? Are these campuses really accessible for all? Are certain of ways in which we imagine and design these spaces and buildings antithetical to democratisation of education? Do dominant norms of caste, class, and gender inhabit the inanimate space of the campus thus reinforcing the inherent inequalities in modern education?

These are some of the questions that Chayanika Shah shall explore in this talk as we look at the campuses of some elite residential campuses in India. This is based on a study of mapping campus plans and architecture as part of studying discriminations based on gender and sexuality.



Chayanika Shah is a Bombay based queer feminist activist who has spent many years with feminist collectives in the city. She is a Physicist by training and has taught Physics to undergraduates for two decades. For the last decade she has been involved in research based activism in issues around gender and sexuality. Her co-authored books include “No Outlaws in the Gender Galaxy”, “Bharat ki Chaap” a companion book for the documentary of the same name, and “We and Our Fertility: The politics of technological intervention”.


on Friday,
7th September, 2018
at 6:30 pm

School of Environment & Architecture, 
Eksar Road, Borivali (W), 
Mumbai - 400 091
T: 91 86550 02156 

The event is supported by UDRI and free and open to public.